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Occupational dermatitis can be defined as an inflammation of the skin caused by the working environment or by skin contact with a damaging substance.

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) an estimated 84,000 people suffer from dermatitis nationally which is caused or made worse by their work.  The food and catering industries account for about 10% of this figure.

Occupational dermatitis accounts for;

  • 10% of compensation cases under the Department of Work and Pensions Industrial Injuries Scheme, and
  • 13% of cases of occupational diseases reported to HSE under RIDDOR

Prolonged contact with water, soap and detergent causes about 55% of dermatitis cases.  About 40% of dermatitis cases in the industry are caused by contact with food, for example flour/dough/fruits (especially citrus fruits), vegetables, spices, fish and meats.

Contact dermatitis can also be caused by contact with coins, rubber/latex gloves, chemicals and cleaners and some alcohol based hand sanitisers/rubs.

The symptoms and seriousness of the condition vary widely.  Symptoms usually begin with redness and irritation and occasionally swelling.  Blisters may follow and if these break the skin may become infected.

Contact with some substances can cause small areas of the skin to thicken, eventually forming rough wart like growths.  Amy part of the body may be affected.  Dermatitis is not contagious but if untreated may spread to other parts of the body. Correct treatment at an early stage is essential.

By taking the right preventative steps to minimise contact with damaging agents and adopting an appropriate skin safety regime the risk of occupational dermatitis can be reduced.

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